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Magnet Cluster

The UCSF NMR Lab, located in Genentech Hall, UCSF Mission Bay Campus

NMR Time Schedulers*

400 MHz 500, 600I, 600II, 800 MHz
FACES Scheduler PharmChem NMR Scheduler

* Requires username and password

Current NMR Lab Instruments

Bruker AvanceIII HD 400

400 MHz Bruker AvanceIII HD 2-channel instrument with Z-gradient and 5mm BBFO Z-gradient Smart probe (broad-band [15N to 31P] with improved 1H performance and 19F) with ATM (Automatic Tune and Match). A very versatile instrument for chemistry: 1H, direct- and indirect-dectection (HSQC, HMBC, etc.) of heteronuclei.

Bruker Avance DRX500

500 MHz Bruker Avance DRX 4-channel instrument with a 60-slot BACS sample changer and a lock-switch for deuterium decoupling. The spectrometer is equipped with a triple resonance QCI-Cryoprobe with cold 1H and 13C preamps for detection/decoupling of 1H, 13C, 31P and 15N.

Bruker AvanceIII 600-I

600 MHz Bruker AvanceIII 3-channel instrument with Z-gradient and BBFO Z-gradient Smart probe (broad-band with improved 1H performance and 19F). A very versatile instrument for many NMR investigations: direct- and indirect-detection of heteronuclei, BSL-2 bioreactor experiments and low-high temperature work (-50 ↔ 80 °C), as well as MAS probe for solid-state investigations of membrane proteins and amyloids.

Varian Inova 600-II

600 MHz Varian Inova 4-channel instrument with Z-gradient and a triple-resonance Coldprobe.

Bruker Avance AV800

800 MHz Bruker AvanceI 4-channel instrument equipped with a triple-resonance Z-gradient TXI-Cryoprobe, triple-axis XYZ-gradient TXI probe, XYZ-gradient amplifier and lock-switch for deuterium decoupling, and a 16-slot SE Lite sample changer.