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Bruker Avance AV800 MHz Spectrometer

Bruker Avance AV800

Link to: PharmChem NMR Scheduler

800 MHz Bruker AvanceI 4-channel instrument with triple-axis gradients, lock-switch for deuterium decoupling and ultra-shielded US2 magnet.

Equipped with a 16-slot SE Lite sample changer.

Standard probe: 5mm triple-resonance Z-gradient TXI-Cryoprobe

Probes and Accessories:

• 5mm TXI Z-Grad Cryoprobe
• 5mm TXI Z-Gradient Triple Resonance Probe


• CentOS Linux Workstation running TopSpin 2.1pl8
• Bruker 800MHz US2 Magnet
• 4 RF Channels
• XYZ-Gradient Amplifier
• Lock-Switch
• SE Lite-16 sample changer
• BCU-05 pre-conditioner (temperatures down to 4 °C)