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Bruker AvanceIII HD 400 MHz Spectrometer

Bruker AvanceIII HD 400

Link to: FACES 400 MHz Scheduler

400 MHz Bruker AvanceIII HD 2-channel instrument with Z-gradient and equipped for gradient shimming.

Standard probe: 5mm BBFO Z-gradient Smart probe with Automatic Tune and Match.

Probes and Accessories:

• 5mm BBFO Z-gradient Smart Probe
   • Broad-band (15N to 31P) with improved 1H performance and 19F
   • ATM (Automatic Tune and Match)


• CentOS Linux Workstation running TopSpin 3.5pl2
• Oxford 400MHz Actively-Shielded Magnet
• AvanceIII HD nanobay console with 2 RF Channels
• Z-Gradient Amplifier
• 2H-TX board
• BCU pre-conditioner (temperatures down to 0oC)

Link to: ucsf400 TopSpin3 Guides